It may come as somewhat of a surprise, but according to research from Zopa, Burnham has been revealed to be the most thrill-seeking town.

Burnham residents score well above average for two of the areas studied, watching horror films and gambling. The basis of the research used Google Trends to measure what people searched for online and how these searches affect daily behaviours.

When it comes to finances, it was found in the research that individuals with a greater risk appetite are more likely to pursue high risk investment strategies, such as crypto-currency. Those living in the Burnham were found to enjoy an increased level of risk when the ‘risk factor’ was divided by the ‘safety factor.’

Across the country, the research revealed that Exeter residents took the fewest risk, with Watford being the town described as the ‘middle ground.’

While Watford residents showed an interest in riskier behaviours such as gambling, or adrenaline sports, they were balancing this with a willingness to find out about vaccination, safety and insurance.

Professor Ivo Vlaev, leader of research and a Professor in Behavioural Science at Warwick Business School, said: “The easiest and most practical way to investigate human behaviour on a large scale is online, specifically by what people are searching for.

“Working through this Risk and Reward Index has shown that individuals living in the ‘middle’ risk towns are likely to engage in risky behaviour and chase rewards but remain cautious. These individuals would take the risk of looking for an alternative outside of the mainstream but would still ensure that they earn a good return.”