ACTIVISTS from Slough and Windsor Labour Party came together in Windsor on International Women's Day to talk about issues that mattered.

They set up a stall in Peascod Street, to talk to residents about matters important to women from period poverty to universal credit and reducing the gender pay gap. The morning was part of a two day series of events.

Many stopped at the stall to see what was going on and to talk about women’s issues they shared and their concerns. A poll was carried out to see what was most important to the women here with the following four statements most popular – ‘Our bodies our choice’, ‘End the rape clause’, ‘End period poverty’ and ‘End the gender pay gap’.

Christine Hulme, Slough Labour Party chairman and the great grand-daughter of a suffragette, said: "International Women’s Day is a reminder of women's previous struggles for equality with men, a recognition of women's achievements and a statement of how far we still have to go."

One of the organisers of the event, Margery Thorogood, press officer Windsor Labour Party, said: "“The events in Windsor brought together women who actively support International Women's Day and attracted other women who wanted to find out more and to talk about what concerned them. It was a great celebration and something we will repeat next year. Meanwhile and as one young woman called out, ‘It is International Women’s Day every day!’’ We could not agree more.”