AN IMPORTANT through road leading to a medical centre and children's playground has degenerated into a rat infested rubbish tip.

The road runs alongside the Connaught Court retirement apartments in Alma Road, Windsor, winding past the old Imperial House site. It marks the quickest route to the Clarence Medical Centre and the mini-park with play area in Vansittart area - and is much used by the Connaught Court residents.

Resident Vee Stanley, 81, says it has become a rubbish strewn rat infested nightmare to walk through.

She said: "People dump rubbish there. A bag of sand was left there recently. Young people gather and leave their cans - no-one seems to have responsibility for it."

Margaret Brown, 88, has lived in Connaught Court for almost 12 years.

Mrs Brown said: "When I moved here it was landscaped with a lovely pond. It was one of the reasons people came to live here - but look at it now.

"Some of us own our apartments. Imagine trying to sell them with the road in that state. Someone has to take responsibility for the road."

She said that one resident had actually found a rat in her kitchen cupboard which she thinks came from the rubbish in the road.

The road's decline has followed the demolition of the attractive old Imperial House building which it passes.

Plans to redevelop the demolition site have fallen foul of Royal Borough planning councillors - leading to ownership changes and a forthcoming planning appeal while the site remains an empty and ugly eyesore after eight years.

Many conflate the decline of the road with this.

The road is a private one despite being a public right of way which means the Royal Borough has no powers to tidy it up.

But yesterday (Thursday) the Royal Borough's deputy leader and cabinet member for highways Cllr Phill Bicknell said: "I'm going to investigate this and try and find out who is responsible for the road. I sympathise with the residents and will see what we can do."