The dream of a new information centre in Eton is about to come true.

It will provide an extra service to compliment the busy Windsor Information Centre just over the bridge.

The project has had input from 200 people in the town - while Eton College made it possible by allowing the premises at 67 High Street which was formerly Eton Wine Shop to be used.

The Royal Borough funded the refurbishment while a variety of businesses and organisations made their own contribution.

But fundraising is still ongoing and volunteers are lining up to support staff when they are employed at the centre.

Derek Bishop, Mayor of Eton Town Council and a local resident and businessman said: “Out of more than 200 people surveyed, all bar two gave extremely supportive comments and ideas. This is a great example of spending money in a way that the taxpayers want. The Eton Information Centre was also an aspirational project in the Eton & Eton Wick Neighbourhood Plan, which was adopted by the Royal Borough in 2018.”

The info centre is just one of three ambitious projects in the plan.

Ron Lewandowski, Eton Wick Village Association Chair and Deputy Mayor of Eton Town Council said: “In Eton Wick we are launching a walkway and a coffee shop is expected to be open soon. The Eton Information Centre is the third leg of the strategy, that will enhance our village. I like it when a plan comes together.”