A FURIOUS householder in Windsor has given a turbulent response to a request from Heathrow Airport for detailed private information about his home.

Derek Hunt, 65, of Harrington Close, Windsor, is a well known military historian and author in the town.

When a hefty 12 page questionnaire arrived through his letter-box he was amazed to see it was from Heathrow Airport Ltd. The accompanying message said that although his home was not likely to be directly threatened by the controversial plan to build a third runway, it would like him to provide answers to a series of detailed questions about the ownership of his property so the company could build up a data base.

Mr Hunt said: "I was not happy to receive this intrusive questionnaire from Heathrow Airport. What business is it of theirs whether I own or rent this house and what I use the premises for? I think Heathrow holds more than enough information about me already and I have no intention of completing their questionnaire."

A Heathrow spokesman said: “As part of the planning process for Heathrow expansion, we are writing to residents and organisations nearby to help us identify people who may have an interest in property or land which may be affected by our plans. This process is known as ‘Land Referencing’ and is a legal requirement to ensure we keep people fully informed about our planning application, including our major statutory public consultation coming up in June. By having an accurate understanding of those whose property or land may be affected by an expanded airport, we can ensure they know about this and give us their views.”

But the leader of the Royal Borough Cllr Simon Dudley sympathised with Mr Hunt's response.

The Royal Borough is currently working with other councils in the area to mount a legal challenge against Heathrow's plans for expansion.

Council leader Simon Dudley warned that people needed to realise how much the Royal Borough could be affected by the proposals.

He said: "It is going to be like putting Gatwick next to Heathrow. It will be hugely invasive and make an enormous impact."

He sympathised with Mr Hunt's annoyance at being asked to share private information with Heathrow, saying: "I would not like to receive something like this from Heathrow.

"You would be bound to think 'do they need all this information?"