Adults forced to live with their parents because they cannot afford to get on the housing ladder have become a familiar feature of 21st century life.

Now Old Windsor's Riverside Players are getting ready to stage a play that gives the situation a 1960s style Pythonesque slant.

The Box by Alan Tibbles is a comedy drama set in an English kitchen in the 1960s.

Mr and Mrs Parker want to move to a smaller house so the children will get their own places. But the kids wonder if they dare move out, or whether the parents would miss them too much.

Does the mysterious box Dad found in the garden contain the answer to the problem? Or is it just some old junk Grandad hid?

The humour and dialogue are decidedly Pythonesque throughout.

The show is being staged at the Memorial Hall, Straight Road, Old Windsor from Thursday, March 21 to Saturday, March 23 at 8pm.

Ticket prices are £10 for adults and £8 concessions.

You can book online now at or call the box office today on 07717 671765.