Prime Minister Theresa May and Welsh rugby legend Jonathan Davies delighted guests at the ground breaking ceremony for Windsor's new hospice by swapping jokes about tomorrow's big rugby match.

The pair made an unlikely double act as Mr Davies joked about Mrs May's vivid red coat - saying he was glad to see she was wearing the colour of the Welsh rugby strip.

Mrs May leapt forward to announce at the top of her voice - 'it is the red rose of England'.

This prompted Mr Davies to shoot back with the comment that Wales had beaten England in 2009, 1999, 1989.

"What year is this?" he demanded.

But the fun had a serious purpose. The celebrity guests had been joined by dignitaries from across the Royal Borough for the groundbreaking ceremony on the site by Bray Lake in Windsor Road, where a new hospice is being built.

The existing Thames Hospice in Hatch Lane, Windsor is no longer big enough to meet demand. Work on the new hospice actually started in January and is due to finish in July 2020 with patients needing end of life care due to move in that September.

Mr Davies revealed that his father and his wife had both suffered from cancer and that hospices were important to him.

Among the guests was Windsor's MP Adam Afriyie. Thames Hospice is currently in his constituency.

He was happy to 'hand over' to Mrs May, who will welcome the new hospice into her Maidenhead constituency when work finishes.