YOU are never too young to take to the kitchen - especially when there a talented contestant from TV's Great British Bake Off to encourage you.

Just ask pupils at Khalsa Primary School in Wexham Road Road, Slough.

The school's Parent Teacher Association organised a cake baking competition open to all pupils.

The guest judging panel included Rav Bansal, a contestant on the TV series Great British Bake Off. He was the 2018 Great Festive Bake Off winner.

The school also had the entrepreneur/baker Davinder Kaur, the mastermind behind Flourbowl Cakes on the panel.

Unfortunately bad weather closed the school on competition day. However as the cakes were baked and ready the judging continued and the 40 entries were judged anyway.

Then on Tuesday last week Rav Bansal visited the school to announce the winners.

Arvinder Kaur, secretary of the P-TA said: "Baking has many benefits for children and their development from a very early age. It encourages reading, comprehension and promotes the use of basic maths skills and maths language including conversion of measures. Baking also encourages children to try new things and help them explore with their senses. Most importantly… it is the perfect opportunity for parents to spend valuable time with their children, boost their confidence and get creative."

Kam Bassi is the P-TA chair.