Queensmere Shopping Centre will host a consultation event today for Slough residents to find out more about the future of Heathrow Airport.

Alongside the online consultation that is currently active, events are being held across the area that will be affected by the prospective changes the airport plan to make. The events will be hosted by members of the planning team who can answer any questions you may have.

The consultation is currently giving people the chance to voice their opinions on three key areas.

• Airspace change for an expanded Heathrow: how the airspace will be designed in the future and what the airport should consider when designing future flight paths

• Airspace change to make better use of the existing two runways: local factors that should be considered when designing new flight paths for some of the arrivals on the existing two runways

• Future operations for an expanded Heathrow: how Heathrow will operate the three runways in the future. Opinions are being sought on how nearby residents would like the airport to manage noise, provide respite through runway and airspace alternation, directional preference and night flights.

Today’s event will be on from 2-8pm. Anyone is welcome to attend and there is no requirement to book tickets.