MILKSHAKE production at Creams Cafe in Slough has been 'fully revised' - after a customer nearly choked on a piece of wrapping paper left in the cup he had ordered.

The Observer has reported how Luke Malloy, 24, of Broadmark Road, Slough, found a five-to-seven-centimetre-long piece of chocolate wrapper in his milkshake which he pulled safely out. But a fragment that had got trapped in the straw went down his throat.

He expressed anxiety about what could have happened if his girlfriend's four year old daughter had got the cup with the paper - the family had ordered three shakes from Creams in Windsor Road, Slough.

This week Krista Booker, who is regional manager for Creams ice cream parlours, contacted the Obsever to say said that Mr Malloy's complaint to the shop had been taken seriously and acted on at once.

She said: "We apologised for the human error that may have occurred and have already fully revised our milkshake production process to eliminate the possibility of this happening again. We also offered compensation for the incident to Mr Molloy which he accepted.

"This was a refund of the full Uber Eats order as well as inviting his family in to the store for a complimentary visit so we could apologise personally and in addition, we offered a gift card specially for his child who he mentioned he feared may have tried the drink."