Fears that large crowds could converge on Windsor's historic Guildhall tonight have led to a controversial planning meeting being moved across the road.

Planning councillors were due to meet at 7pm to discuss abandoning two of their objections to plans to build a massive apartment block on the old Imperial House site in Alma Road.

The authority had refused the plan but must defend its decision at a planning inquiry after the developers appealed.

But two of the council's three official reasons for objection are based on its new Borough Plan which is currently getting a rough ride as the Government decides whether to accept it.

Officers are expected to advise them to drop those objections tonight, - which has left opponents of the development seething.

Fearing a massive turn out of public tonight the authority has moved the meeting from the frail 17th century Guildhall - which is only supposed to hold 120 people at any one time - to the Castle Hotel opposite.

But news of the change of the venue only went on the council's website today, leading to fears that some might miss the meeting.