ANOTHER rebel Windsor Town Forum meeting is to be held - with one supporter claiming that the Royal Borough's 'official' forum is 'not fit for purpose'.

The Royal Borough's own Town Forum was set up to allow issues affecting the centre of the town to be discussed with councillors at public sessions in the Guildhall. But when a planned meeting was cancelled last year some disgruntled residents held their own 'unofficial' one in the Prince Harry pub in Market Street next door.

Now they plan to hold another in the pub next Monday, which will clash with a full meeting of the Royal Borough at Maidenhead Town Hall.

Richard Endacott, one of the rebels, said: "The council cancelled the last Town Forum saying it would have breached purdah rules because an election was imminent but as that was in Datchet and the meeting only affected Windsor we felt it was a spurious reason."

Mr Endacott insisted there was nothing political about the new forum - although he is chairman of West Windsor Residents Association which is registered as a political party and whose members have stood as Independents against the borough's ruling Conservatives over the years.

He said people had other complaints about the council's town forum, saying: "We feel it is not fit for purpose.There is a lot of grandstanding by councillors and no real opportunity for proper discussion. I submitted two agenda items for the agenda two weeks before one meeting and was told it was too late.

"It will not be political next week, merely an opportunity for residents to air their views on issues affecting the town."

He said Inspector Louise Warbrick from Windsor's neighbourhood policing team would be there and issues discussed would include bike thieves and drug problems in the town's parks

Cllr John Bowden, who represents Clewer East ward on the Royal Borough recently took over as chairman of the council's Windsor Town Forum.

He remained unfazed this week by the new rebel panel. But he disputed claims that it was difficult to get items discussed at the council's forum, saying: "I am quite prepared to let things be taken in 'any other business' if they are brought up.

"I'm laid back and want to have an open, cheery atmosphere at our meetings."