A Slough woman who called the Police to report that ‘her nails had not been done properly’ has inadvertently became the face of the Thames Valley Police’s #ThinkBeforeYouDial campaign.

The campaign has been launched to reduce the number of inappropriate calls with the force saying that 80 per cent of calls do not require an immediate police response.

In the video the women claims that the employee was trying to charge her more for the treatment than it was advertised before going on to complain about the quality of the service. The responder then tells her that it was a civil dispute, rather than a police matter.

Senior Delivery Manager for the Contact Centres Gavin MacMillan urged the public to think before calling the emergency services.

“999 is a quick way to get through to the police in an emergency, not a quick way to get through to us about anything.

“I urge people to think before you dial. If it is a situation where anyone is in harm’s way or a crime is in progress, then it is absolutely thing the right thing to call 999. If it is not an emergency but it is a matter for the police, then please go online or call 101.”