GRAFFITI covering the railway arches carrying trains between Windsor and Slough is damaging one of the most attractive views in the area say Eton Town Councillors.

The trains that link the two towns present a picturesque image for drivers crossing Royal Windsor Way (formerly Windsor Eton Relief Road) who can watch them as they travel over the rail arches with Windsor Castle and the historic Eton College as a backdrop.

But at last week's meeting of Eton Town Council members were increasingly dissatisfied with the way arches have become a canvas for budding 'Banksys' to try their skills.

Eton deputy mayor Town Councillor Ron Lewandowski said: "If you wanted to build on the open space between the relief road and the castle you would never be allowed to spoil everyone's view.

"So can't we do something about those dirty great graffiti signs."

The arches are managed by Network Rail, which is resolutely refusing the spend the tens of thousands of pounds needed to clear the arches.

A spokesperson said: “As all graffiti removal comes at the taxpayers’ expense we only remove it when it is deemed offensive.

“In this case it is not offensive however we encourage anyone to contact us should they see any rude or offensive graffiti anywhere on our network.”

Recent graffiti crazies have seen the phrase Give Peas a Chance replaced with Give Helch a Break on the M25 in Bucks and the arches between Windsor and Slough seem to represent an irresistible temptation - and without the risk of being run over by cars.