A stark warning for the potential of a criminal “free-for-all” has been released after it emerged that only one in ten violent criminals were brought to justice in 2018.

Anti-austerity campaigners Accountable have released a report that shows the decline in the number of crimes reported that have resulted in charges or court appearances. Accountable claim this is a direct result of the cuts made to the Police numbers since 2010.

In total, Thames Valley Police have seen their police numbers cut by 15% in the last eight years. The cuts mean there are now just 17 police officers for every 10,000 residents, which is less than half the number of officers per person in London.

The report shows an 19% overall rise in crime since cuts began. Sexual offences have rose by 183% with just 5% of sexual offenders summoned to court or charged in 2018, in comparison to 26% in 2010. One in five robberies resulted in charges or court summons in 2010, with only two robbery suspects out of every 25 summoned to court or charged in 2018.

Emma Darlington, Campaign Director at Accountable, said: “This year could see a free-for-all for criminals thanks to cuts to police forces across the country. Cuts to police have been far too deep and need to be revered in this year’s Spending Review or we risk fuelling further crime waves.

“The Government’s duty is to protect its citizens from crime. They are failing to catch and prosecute criminals because there aren’t enough police on our streets.”