Local dog lovers are being offered the perfect chance to combat loneliness by a local group who are offering volunteer dog cuddling.

Based in Staines, this scheme covers an extensive range of local areas including Windsor. The group behind it, Barking Mad, aim to battle the issue of loneliness in the local area. Particularly aimed at people who’re retired or those who work from home and spend large amount of time on their own, the company hope to combat isolation by caring for dogs.

A study published from the Official for National Statistics suggests that young adults are more likely to feel lonely than older age groups. The report also found that those who feel less welcome or have less trust of others in their local area have increased feelings of loneliness. With this scheme the company hopes that more people will meet like-minded canine lovers in their local community.

Melissa Sincock of Barking Mad said:

“Whilst remote working has obvious advantages, working alone under pressure and not having the physical presence of a team to support can lead to loneliness that can’t be fixed by any kind of app.

“Caring for a friendly dog only provides canine cuddles (far better than any virtual hug) but also the motivation to take a walk at lunchtime, increasing the likelihood of adhering to New Year fitness resolutions.”