CALLS for a new pedestrian crossing have followed the news that homes could soon be built on the site of the old Squires Garden Centre in Dedworth.

The call has been made by Royal Borough councillors Ed Wilson and Malcolm Alexander - who currently represents Clewer South and Eton and Castle wards and will be standing for the newly created Clewer and Dedworth West ward when the forthcoming reorganisation takes place.

They have called for a crossing on Maidenhead Road, close to the former Squires Garden site. The site has been acquired by developers and an application to build 39 properties there has been received by the Royal Borough.

Cllr Alexander said: “This is a very busy section of road being crossed by many elderly people. If housing is given the go ahead at the former Squires site there will be even more pedestrians in this area, increasing the need for a safer crossing point. I regularly walk in this area and see how dangerous it can be to get across the road.”

The call is being received sympathetically by the Royal Borough’s lead member for highways Cllr Phill Bicknell.

He said: “This part of Maidenhead Road is getting busier and the proposed housing in the area gives extra weight to the need for a safer crossing in this area."