A new list which features the most sung about places on earth features an unexpected inclusion, Slough.

The Jam’s famous hit ‘The Eton Rifles’ has earned Slough place on the list, which features the famous lyric “There’s a row going on down near Slough.”

The 1979 cult classic has been recognised by the local community before. The Windsor and Eton Brewery produces an IPA called Eton Rifles which is sold in bars across the country.

The interactive map which was compiled by travel company in association with a team of data scientists analysed over 200,000 songs released since the 1960s. Topping the list of countries is the USA which had 1,401 songs mentioning 230 places, the most popular of which being New York which featured in the lyrics of 161 charting singles.

London is in second place, with 101 songs mentioning the capital. Liverpool, Brixton, Dover and Belfast complete the top 5 referenced places in the UK according to the research. The full list can be found on www.celebritycruises.co.uk/music-mapped/.