WORRIED residents have set up a WhatsApp group and began evening patrols after their road became a target for criminals.

Thames Valley Police have received a number of reports of incidents on Hazlemere Road, Slough.

One resident - who has asked to remain anonymous - lost jewellery and cash after four burglars used crowbars and screwdrivers to break in.

They even sprayed her dog with a toxic substance leaving it ill for days.

She says there have also been several cases of suspicious behaviour in her road, including a male claiming to be a driving instructor knocking on her neighbour's door saying his car had broken down.

The neighbourhood has set up a WhatsApp group in which any suspicious activity is shared, with several residents performing patrols some evenings to deter criminals.

Another neighbour said: “Our road now today is a mere shadow of the safe neighbourhood it was in the past. Families knew of each other, kids could play outside safely and we never had any trouble.

“We now have experienced multiple burglaries and witness continuous suspicious activity daily. We do not currently live at peace in our own homes, always thinking perhaps it could be us next."

Another resident said: “We once had a strong awareness of those who resided in our area, but that has changed.

“To put it quite frankly, any unfamiliar face is a potential suspect."

Thames Valley Police confirmed that an investigation into a burglary in the road was ongoing, saying: "We had a report of a residential burglary on November 28 in Hazlemere Road.

“No one has been arrested. If anyone has any information, they should contact Thames Valley Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111."