MOTORISTS in Slough could benefit from increased funding being made available to deal with potholes.

The Government has announced that it will be investing a further £420 million across the country to deal with damaged roads and Slough is in line to receive approximately £2.6 million over the course of next year.

A report from the Asphalt Industry Alliance claims that the average cost of fixing a single pothole stands at £245. It is hoped that the additional funding will be used to fix thousands of potholes over the next 12 months. Last year Slough Borough Council’s figures showed that 200 less pot holes were fixed in comparison to the previous year.

A representative from the Slough Conservative Association Lee Pettman, commenting on the announcement: “We welcome the news that the government has allocated £2.6m out of the additional funding announced in the budget in November for Slough to support maintaining our roads and fixing potholes to make our roads safer for everyone in our town.

“Our roads in Slough are a lifeblood for residents, who already suffer from spending double the amount of time per mile travelling than the average across England, increasing air pollution and impacting residents’ quality of life."