Shoppers hunting for a Boxing Day bargain in Slough High Street were left shaken following an alarming attempted burglary in broad daylight.

A video of the event has been published on social media and shows the incident which occurred at JD Sports at 3.25pm. A young man attempted to steal an item from the store by concealing it in his jacket. When staff asked the male to unzip his jacket, the suspect used physical force in order to get out of the store, pushing a female employee into a display.

One shopper recorded the incident and published it on Facebook, where it has been widely shared and condemned. She said: “All of a sudden, I saw a young man assaulting female staff after being confronted. The scenes were horrifying, and the language used was disturbing and aggressive.

“I truly feel for the parents of the young children who were shopping at the time having to witness the inappropriate behaviour. There was a serious safety concern at the store, which JD Sports should have been wary of.”

Thames Valley Police have confirmed a suspect who was being pursued by members of staff from JD Sports was stopped by officers on a routine patrol. The 15-year-old was stop searched and the stolen goods were recovered with no further stolen items being found. No further legal action has been taken against the youth.