The Tesco store in Dedworth has surpassed expectations by collecting 128 crates of food for Windsor Foodshare, sufficient to feed 45 families of four for a month.

Sarah Howard, Windsor Foodshare manager, said: “Thanks to the generosity of Windsor residents and Tesco, families facing stresses in their life will at least have a good supply of food with a yuletide flavour to tide them over the Christmas period. It has been a wonderful example of a community supporting each other.” Foodshare aims is to provide non perishable food on a short term basis, with vouchers issued covering up to four week for local families and people who would otherwise be going hungry. Foodshare is currently able to help up to 45 families per week from its distribution point at the Baptist Church, Smiths Lane, Dedworth and hands out up to 800 food items every week.

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