A BAFTA winning film maker shared his inspiring vision of the world with young movie lovers in Windsor on Saturday.

Colin O'Toole spoke to pupils at the MN Academy of Film and Theatre, a performing arts academy for young people aged six to 19, which offers classes in film, theatre, movement and vocals at Windsor Girls School every Saturday.

He led a workshop and answered questions.

Mr O'Toole's BAFTA winning short film Cowboy Dave about a drifter is based on a character he met as a 12-year-old boy living in the suburbs of Manchester. It starred San Spruell who was in Snow White and the Huntsmen and is being tipped for an Oscar nomination.

His acceptance speech when he received the BAFTA award was an inspiring one - when he said 'you may come from a working class background but film is not an impossible dream'.

He brought along his BAFTA trophy to show his young audience on Saturday.

Sophie Holt who runs the Windsor branch of the Middleweek Newton (MN) Talent Management acting agency said: "He told them how he just went for it, got the idea, put pen to paper and made it happen."

If you would like to get involved in classes at MN, they have a free Open Day on Saturday, January 12, from 10am to 1pm. To book your place, just email office@mnacademy.co.uk or call 0207 018 3906.