A BRAVE teenager has received high praise after her courage saw a serial burglar put behind bars.

Colnbrook schoolgirl Danielle Sanderson was home alone at the start of the summer holidays in 2017 when she heard someone banging on the window.

When a man with a spade locked eyes with her, she was initially frightened, but went back for a closer look, which later proved vital when she attended an identity parade.

Danielle, now 14, was invited to a special commendation ceremony at Reading Crown Court on Friday, where she received a certificate, crystal plaque and a financial reward.

After being made to attend a trial, she told a jury she was certain it was the right man and stood by her judgement because the thief had 'wonky teeth'.

She said: "It was not nice coming to court and having his solicitor call me a liar, but I knew what I saw.

"I was so happy when he was convicted and really proud of myself."

After leaving her grandmother's home, the Newlands Girls' School pupil ran for help.

She found two men - Steve and Doug - from a nearby business and when Danielle spotted the burglar shoot by in his vehicle, the men were able to take down the registration.

Danielle, who is interested in joining the police force when she grows up, shook hands with Graham Barker, the High Sheriff of Berkshire and judge Emma Nott.

Judge Nott added: "She did something extraordinarily brave and went back into the kitchen to get a good look at the man.

"It is because of her evidence and her bravery that this burglar was brought to justice and he is now behind bars serving a lengthy sentence."

The man in question received a four-and-a-half-year sentence, owing to his previous convictions.

With the help of the Witness Service, Danielle stood in the witness box for three hours while she was rigorously cross-examined.

Her mother, Rebecca Sanderson, said: "I am so proud of her. It is such an amazing thing to achieve and was not easy for her to go through at such a young age."