The leader of the Royal Borough council has backed a recommendation from the council’s monitoring officer to remove councillor Widsom Da Costa from one of the various panels on which he sits, including the highways, transport and environment overview and scrutiny panel, the licensing panel and the Windsor urban development management panel .

The recommendation came after Cllr Da Costa was deemed to have breached the council’s code of conduct, via social media, where he appears to have made false accusations against someone, although details about the incident remain relatively undisclosed.

What is clear from the report is that this is not the first time the specific accusations have been discussed by Cllr Da Costa, nor is it the first time they have been complained about.

The report states: “Cllr. Da Costa was aware from the decision notice for the first complaint that it is unacceptable to make false accusations against someone in social media, including making a false accusation by simply suggesting something which is untrue.

“Nevertheless, the way he worded the subsequent posting was effectively repeating the allegations all over again. I don’t accept it was necessary to repeat what he said again for the purposes of explaining his actions to the public. Having acknowledged the mistake of doing so the first time, it is hard to understand why he did so a second time.”

Cllr Da Costa was deemed to have breeched the code of conduct in July this year for suggesting council leader Simon Dudley’s involvement in theMaidenhead development control  panel could be a ‘police matter’. It is not clear whether the two incidents are related.

Cllr Dudley took to social media to voice his support for the monitoring officer’s recommendation when he Tweeted: “Yet again @wisdomdacosta breaches the @RBWM Code of Conduct. He’s on a hat trick now.

“@JonesyLynne are you going to follow the @RBWM Monitoring Officer’s recommendation that by way of sanction @wisdomdacosta is removed from one of the panels he sits on for persistent breaches.”

Cllr Da Costa was approached for comment, but had not responded at time of publication.