Slough Borough Council has been told it must protect its residents after it was revealed the town would be right in the epicentre of increased noise and air pollution, following the Heathrow expansion.

A map, published earlier this month by the Civil Aviation Authority, shows that Slough and Windsor will be at the heart of increased pollution after the third runway’s completion, leading to criticism from community groups.

The Colnbrook Community Association said it was time for Slough Borough Council to ‘wake up and protect our residents’ following the publication.

Slough Borough Council responded to the criticism, saying they have been ‘vigorously defending’ the interests of their residents.

Leader of the coucil, James Swindlehurst, said: “Airspace consultation is independent of expansion at Heathrow and modernisation of airspace around the airport is already underway with Heathrow experimenting with new procedures for aircraft landing to try and reduce noise for those living under or nearby the flightpath.

“The principle of the ratio of planes flying over urban or rural areas is extremely important and Slough Borough Council will be responding to this consultation.

“We have been vigorously defending the local community not least in our cabinet discussions about road diversions through Colnbrook and securing a green envelope around Colnbrook.

“I continue to hold regular meetings with senior Heathrow officials where I will continue to put the concerns residents have raised me at the front of my discussions.”

Slough recently hosted a Heathrow summit in the town, where business owners and Heathrow executives spoke of the potential benefits the airport could bring to the town, but the Colnbrook Community Association criticised the council on Twitter and said their support for the third runway “will increase noise pollution throughout Slough. You must reconsider your support”.

They also accused the council of ‘swallowing fake news’ from Heathrow’s public relations team, saying: “The trouble is that gullible Local Authorities, Councillors, MP’s and media peps swallow this misinformation and accept it as truth. Residents know it’s fake news; Heathrow’s PR knows it’s fake news (they make it up); media knows its fake news – but it doesn’t make headlines.”