The future of the proposed Windsor Link Rail will not be discussed at an upcoming Windsor Town Forum meeting, despite pressure from residents to have the topic added to the agenda.

The plan to unite the two railway stations in Windsor and service the town with a single track, underground, two-way operation was first put foward in 2009 by developer and former Royal Borough councillor George Bathurst, who believes the project would significantly benefit the town.

However, the plans have been met with a significant opposition from residents in the town, who remain unconvinced that it would have a positive impact.

In an article posted to the Royal Windsor Website, objections to the project state that residents would see mass inconvenience without any real benefit.

The article, written by someone who identified themself only as ‘Windsorian’ says: “The rail link is demonstrably unnecessary, the threat to Windsor businesses and existing private homes is too great, massed development along the riverside is not wanted and the loss of Windsor’s heritage sites is unacceptable.

“It really is about time, after ten years of ‘no interest so no progress’, to knock this wholly inappropriate scheme on its head once and for all.”

Those in opposition to the scheme wanted it to be discussed at the upcoming town forum meeting on Monday, October 29, but RBWM confirmed that it would not be added to the agenda because a request had not been submitted in time.

The council has adopted a neutral position on the scheme band remains on the fence about its development.

Head of the Windsor Town Forum, Councillor Jack Rankin said: “It’s not on the agenda as I haven’t had a request in advance of the deadline.

“The Windsor Link Railway is a proposal by a private developer. It does not have the support of the Royal Borough.

“The Borough has no position and is not involved in the scheme in any way, it is being promoted by a private developer.

“A private developer is perfectly at Liberty to continue to develop plans independent of Council support. Naturally the developer will need planning permission from the council if they get to that stage.”

Founder of the Windsor Link Railway George Bathurst said that as far as he was aware, the council’s official position was that it was “welcoming plans coming forward” and that he had not heard anything to lead him to believe otherwise.