The spring in Theresa May’s step as she took to the stage at the Conservative conference leads many of the Thursday papers, while the content of her speech also features.

The Times leads on Mrs May’s declaration that the country’s decade of austerity will draw to a close as she made a series of spending pledges in a speech which “appeared to soothe Tory jitters”.

The Daily Telegraph leads on Mrs May’s appeal for the party to “stick together” for the good of the country.

The Guardian also carries Mrs May’s pledge to draw a close to austerity policies in a speech in which she attempted to “show she had not been blown of course by Brexit or by noisy critics led by Boris Johnson”.

The same story leads the Financial Times, with the Prime Minister warning against “political chaos” in her speech.

The Metro says the Prime Minister “shimmied” into her conference speech and “got back on to the front foot after a tumultuous few months”.

The i also features Mrs May’s moves on the conference stage and on policy.

The Independent leads with National Cyber Security Centre claims that Russian intelligence agency the GRU is responsible for cyber attacks in the UK and abroad.

The Daily Mirror calls Mrs May “strictly shambolic”, criticising her entrance to the conference hall before a crucial speech.

The Sun leads with a quip from the Duke of Sussex that he and his new wife should go to Butlin’s in Bognor Regis.

The Daily Mail carries the headline Mamma May-A – a reference to the Prime Minister’s choice of entrance music.

The Daily Express runs with “Let’s All Dance To May’s Tune”.

And the Daily Star leads with a denial from Cristiano Ronaldo after claims he raped a woman.