A young councillor says he is 'very disappointed' to have been removed from his position in the cabinet less than a week after being promoted.

Royal Borough councillor Ross McWilliams, 26, has said he is 'very disappointed' to have been removed from his position in the cabinet less than a month after taking over from Cllr Jack Rankin as lead member for economic development.

Cllr Rankin is standing down ready to become a parliamentary candidate. 

Cllr McWilliams, of the Cox Green ward, said he had received a phone call from council leader Simon Dudley and that as a result of that call he would no longer be a member of the cabinet.

He said: “I am hugely disappointed to have been removed from Cabinet. Having been in post for less than a week I am perplexed and saddened by the decision.

“I am particularly disappointed as it means leaving the housing brief, where we were making real progress in changing our approach and attitude to the crucial issue of supporting our vulnerable homeless residents, as well as repairing our relationship with local partners.

“There were a number of challenges I inherited in the housing brief, particularly with our approach to homelessness and rough sleeping, as the media attention earlier this year showed.

“There remain big challenges in the Housing Brief but I am sure the officer leadership team will continue to follow through on the improvement plan we have in place to repair the service I inherited. I want to thank them for their support during my time as principal member and - for a short time - as lead member.

“This decision comes as a shock and a great disappointment. I am going to reflect on the decision and in the meantime I hope the good work we have been doing to reorientate toward delivering a compassionate, thorough and cooperative housing service continues.”