Police have abandoned investigations into three 'attempted abductions' in Slough - after revealing that they never took place.

In a surprise statement issued yesterday the Thames Valley force revealed that it had fully investigated reports of three abduction attempts in Knolton Way and Aylesworth Avenue in Slough, before evidence gathered indicated that the incidents did not take place.

Superintendent Sarah Grahame, Local Policing Area commander for Slough said: “I understand that these reports have caused community concern but we are satisfied from the evidence gathered that these incidents did not take place.

“The safety advice which we issued this week in relation to young children walking to and from school accompanied by a friend or adult, and never accepting lifts from people they don’t know, remains valid at all times.

“Working with children is an extremely complex process and it is paramount that they are protected at all times.

“I would like to thank everyone who has come forward with information and who has shared our appeals.”

Police are now no longer appealing for the public to come forward with information.