A former councillor has pledged to continue his fight to get the river dredged where it flows past his recently flooded village of Wraysbury.

Duncan Parker, who used to represent the village on the Royal Borough is angry about the trees and shrubs which he feels are increasingly blocking the river.

He said: "Eight years ago the Environment Agency cleared the river from the bridge that crosses Wraysbury Station bridge to Bell Weir. They promised they would come back and do the same from Coppermill Road to the bridge."

But the work was never done and in the meantime the village has suffered its second major flood in two decades.

A furious Mr Parker says when he met representative from the EA on site he had to convince them the promise had ever been made, by showing a fence with gate their own authority had put up years ago to prepared the way for the work that was never done.

He said: "One EA representative told me I did not understand the flow of water. I just told him to go away."

Horton parish council clerk Benta Hickley said: "Wraysbury was flooded in 2010, and Horton and Wraysbury were flooded in 2014 and the photos of the river over time show that every year there are more and more trees and shrubs growing in the river and this can only have a negative effect when there is heavy rain."

The frustration echoes the anger many people felt during recent floods when EA representatives faced an initially hostile reception.