CHILDREN have had the chance to get hands on with nature.

Over 180 pupils from Iver Village Infant School travelled to Swan Meadow, Iver, for a variety of activities. The Hawkwalk group treated the visitors to some informative talks on birds of prey, followed by flight displays from buzzards, red kites, owls, ravens, Merlins and peregrine falcons.

Afterwards, the children made clay faces which they placed onto trees, and swept the long grasses with nets for bugs and butterflies under the supervision of conservationist Matt Hartgrove. All the caught animals were returned to their habitat afterwards.

They also visited the Insect Hotel, built by Iver Parish Council, where children inspected the creatures that had made the structure their home. The children also looked inside the meadow’s Hibernaculum, intended to be a habitat for snakes, although sadly none were found there.

The conservation area is open to all, and is located off Swan Road – just through the stone pillars and on the left.