Respected child cancer specialist Professor Bruce Morland went back to school last week.

Professor Morland was a pupil at Windsor Boys School between 1971 and 1978, returning to be guest of honour at its speech day on Wednesday.

He told the boys he had not been a ‘high flyer’ at school, but had used dedication, hard-work and tenacity to make it as a doctor.

He said he had spent 35 years working in the NHS, seeing child cancer survival rates rise in a way he never thought possible.

He kept the boys entertained with some of his schoolboy stories – some of which showed how much the school had changed in 40 years.

During the evening headteacher Gavin Henderson paid special tribute to former headteacher Peter Blake who died recently.Speech Day guests were also treated to a snapshot of the school’s forthcoming production of Lord of the Flies and music from the school’s ‘Big Band.’