Queen Victoria would have felt at home in Datchet on Sunday as one vintage car after another was guided onto the Green by men carrying red flags.

It was all to commemorate an event that happened in 1895, when the Honourable Evelyn Ellis undertook the first officially recorded motor trip - driving his 4 horse power Panhard et Levassor the 43 miles from Micheldever Railway Station all the way to his home in Datchet.

The journey was deliberately made in contravention of the legal speed limit, averaging almost 10mph without the required attendant walking in front of the car with a red flag.

It was illegal to exceed 4 mph in those days and Ellis had hoped to be arrested so that he could make a test case and repeal the law. But the police stayed away.

Car enthusiasts Lawrie Smith and Nick Canfor organised Sunday's recreation of the journey for the second year running.

All the cars taking place were built before 1905.

To add authenticity - and a top of humour - their friends Ian Brown and Martin Males were on hand with red flags to shepherd the drivers onto the Green as they arrived.

Mr Smith said: "Last year we had 21 cars taking part. This year 45 were involved. They did not all make it to Datchet - some broke down halfway or would not start. I think 37 or 38 made it."

Among the drivers was Lord Montagu of Beaulieu - whose family runs the world famous National Motor Museum.

Mr Smith said: "The funniest site was one car which disappeared in a pile of steam.

"The earliest cars were like that before they found a way of regenerating the steam."

Driving an old car did not stop the drivers from displaying some sartorial elegance. While the cars could be enjoyed close-up by villagers on the Green all afternoon.

Mr Smith already plans to restage the event next year.