An 'army wife' who discovered her singing voice is now the proud contributor to a new album commemorating the end of the First World War.

The Military Wives Choirs have become a major phenomenon in recent years and a Windsor choir was formed in 2013.

It changed everything for 31-year-old mother of two Elly Wrighton who has just moved onto the Broom Farm ararmy Estate, Oakley Green with her husband Lance Corporal of Horse Matt Wrighton who is in the Band of the Household Cavalry.

The mother of two who works as a family liaison officer for Mencap at Wokingham said: "Another band wife took me along one evening and my friendship network grew from there. I've made friends with other regimental families and in turn our children have also made wonderful friendships. Our posting to Windsor was our first and I honestly think I would have hated army life if I hadn't had the choir to enable me to make friends."

The Windsor choir was one of 69 Military Wives Choirs that got together to acknowledge the centenary of the end of the First World War. Their album Military Wives Choirs 'Remember' was recorded at Islington Town Hall.

Mrs Wrighton said: "Singing on the album was so exciting. We spent months learning our parts and the hard work culminated in the most empowering workshop and recording weekend. There is something quite remarkable about meeting with hundreds of other women (most of which you’ve never met before) and being able to sing exactly the same song with the same passion and understanding. It's difficult to describe but it's quite an overwhelming experience. I've now got the most fantastic memories as well as an album.

"Another lovely thing for me is that my husband played with the band on some of the album pieces so we are both performing together. It'll be lovely to share this with our children when they're old enough to understand."

You can get the album by visiting or through Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and Apple Music.