AN AUTHOR has been nominated for the People’s Book Prize for his investigative book that – he argues – finally unmasks Jack the Ripper.

David Bullock, 42, a PCSO who works in Windsor, has been studying the notorious Jack the Ripper killings for over 23 years.

His book, The Man Who Would Be Jack: The Hunt for the Real Ripper, the culmination of six years of careful research, makes a compelling case for the true identity of the infamous murderer.

Mr Bullock said: “I first came across this case when I was in my teens, and was fascinated – after all, its one of the infamous in history. Over time, I moved from just reading books about the case to to doing my own research.

“Everyone has heard the story of Jack the Ripper, but I discovered information that has never been in the public domain before. I’ve had special access to Broadmoor files, and the opportunity to interview family members.”

Mr Bullock says his work dispels one of the ‘greatest myths’ surrounding the case – that the Ripper was never caught.

Mr Bullock’s prime suspect is Thomas Cutbush, a man who was arrested for savage stabbing attacks on young women at the same time the Ripper murders mysteriously ended. Cutbush successfully pleaded guilty by insanity and was held in Broadmoor Hospital, Crowthorne, for the rest of his life.

Mr Bullock’s book follows the research of two journalists who studied the case some years after the Ripper murders, after being tipped off by a police inspector who started to wonder if a deranged man he had arrested, Cutbush, had in fact been the elusive Ripper.

Mr Bullock said: “The facts fit the case. The crimes must have been committed by someone who knew the area – as Cutbush did, who had the motive to do the crimes – as Cutbush did, and had a reason for stopping them – as Cutbush did, because he was now being held in an asylum.”

Mr Bullock added: “I’m delighted to be nominated for the awards – the People’s Book Prize is very special, as its awarded purely on votes from readers.”

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