The royal wedding may be over – but Windsor Castle will be welcoming visitors all summer.

Anyone who has been intrigued by the Round Tower will be able to climb its 200 steps and see views of the historic Windsor parkland, the Thames Valley, London skyline as well as the extent of Windsor Castle from a height of 65.5 metres.

The Conquer the Tower tours run from August 1 until September 30.

From August 3 to 31 evening tours of of the state apartments are available, offering a chance to learn how William the Conqueror’s wooden castle was rebuilt by Edward III as a stone fortress while getting a close up glimpse of how it all looks now.

A range of new events are also on offer, including a series of lectures on subjects varying from how the castle was restored after the great fire to its romantic history.

Special sensory tours of the State Apartments are also available, with words and touch designed to bring the castle’s rooms alive for blind and partially-sighted visitors.