The Royal Windsor Rose Show Floral Club has celebrated its Diamond Anniversary.

The club - which meets at Gardener's Hall in St Leonard's Road - started in 1958 as an offshoot of the Royal Windsor Rose and Horticultural Society, which dated back to Victorian times.

President Wendy Godrich said that the floral club came into being because members' flower arrangements had become such a successful part of the older society's shows - leading to committee member Ida Somes proposing a separate club 60 years ago.

Mrs Godrich said: "Elders of the committee expressed considerable doubt about the wisdom of such a radical proposal, but it was finally agreed that seven ladies could form the new society. Over the years the club thrived and for many years membership was well over 100."

Although membership has shrunk since then there are still more than 50 members and the club co-operates happily with other groups from the area.

Mrs Godrich said: "At heart we want to be a welcoming club, serving the local community and sharing our love of flowers and gardening. That is what we hope to achieve. We still manage a monthly competition and learn from that. We are delighted that local clubs have now joined us at the Society’s Summer Show in Windsor creating large displays. This has proved a happy initiative, showcasing excellence in local talent."

Members celebrated their diamond jubilee with a lunch at Gardeners Hall.