A popular Windsor bakery has offered to send complimentary cakes to couples sharing their wedding day with Prince Harry and his fiancee, Meghan Markle.

The family-run Heidi bakery, which can be found inside the historic Daniel Department Store on Peascod Street in Windsor, made the decision after hearing that a number of local couples are concerned that the weddings they have been planning for months might be overshadowed by the royal nuptials.

Heidi will offer gourmet cakes to couples sharing their limelight with the royal pair.

The cakes will consist of a dark chocolate mousse with a passion fruit centre and sponge base, and will be decorated with a mirror glaze, handmade macarons and the husband and wife to-be’s names.

Cakes from Heidi already have been given the royal seal of approval. Daniel was granted the Royal Warrant in 2004, making it an appointed supplier of gifts to the Queen.

To have their wedding honoured by the bakery, those sharing their big day with Harry and Meghan must send an email to press@heidibakery.co.uk before by the end of today with proof of their wedding date to receive a complimentary cake. 

Heidi’s director, Edward Durkin, said: “The royal wedding is a joyous occasion, but so is every other wedding happening across the country on 19th May; so we wanted to do something that would make these people’s wedding days extra special.

“We don’t want anybody to feel overshadowed by the royal couple, and so we thought we’d use what we’re best at."

The Heidi bakery was set up by Heidi Rolfe-Daniel twenty years ago.

She is the great granddaughter of Walter Daniel – the department store’s original founder.