A MAN beat and raped a vulnerable, drunk woman after meeting her in a nightclub last year, a court heard.

Harjinder Brar, 22, of Langley Road, Slough, pleaded guilty at Reading Crown Court to charges of assault, sexual touching and rape in December last year.

The court heard how he told his victim: “If you suck ** ****, this will stop.”

William Eaglestone, prosecuting, told the court how Brar’s attack, on December 17, had been captured on CCTV.

In the footage, Brar takes his victim to an underpass, where he gropes her breasts and then attacks her.

It is understood to have taken place around Nicholson’s Lane in Maidenhead.

Mr Eaglestone said: “He pushed her to the ground, and hit her in the face and said to her: “If you suck ** ****, this will stop.

“In the footage, you can see him push her and drag her around by the neck. He took her around the corner, out of view of the camera.”

At this point, his victim attempted to call the police, but Brar took her phone and ended the call. He then orally raped his victim.

However, shortly after he began raping her, Brar was spooked by two passers-by, which caused him to abandon his attack and flee.

Mr Eaglestone said: “The rape is brief, but the whole attack is somewhat sustained, and on a person who was vulnerable due to being drunk.”

Mr Eaglestone said that Brar and his victim had met at a nearby club earlier, and argued that the attack showed ‘a degree of planning’.

Defending, Timothy Bas, told the court that the rape itself had been brief. He also said that his client claimed that he had a consensual encounter with his victim in the club toilets, but accepted this claim could not be used to defend him, as it could not excuse his later actions.

Judge Cutts told Brar that “a custodial sentence of some length must be imposed”. She told Brar that he must sign the sex offenders register immediately, and will remain in custody until he is sentenced.

Brar showed little emotion as he confessed to his crime. He is to be sentenced on June 8.