Hundreds of people flocked to All Saints Church in Dedworth on Monday to say goodbye to Reverend Louise Brown.

The much loved priest who has looked after the church since 1994 officiates at her last services on Sunday at 9.30am and 10.45am.

But her goodbye party filled the church and the adjoining cafe as people of all ages paid their respects.

There were snacks all day and a barbecue in the evening giving everyone who wanted to a chance to pay their respects. Parents with toddlers and veterans who remembered Miss Brown's arrival as one of the country's first women priests all mixed together.

Reverend Louise said: "I think hundreds of people came along and I was very touched by it all.

"I did not want the focus to be on me. This was a chance for the community to meet and talk to each other. That is what was so good about it."

Miss Brown's innovative approach has earned her an MBE.

During her years at Dedworth she has made the church the hub of the community with its cafe and counselling rooms, despite having the battle pain from an old injury that at one time confined her to a wheelchair.

She has no intention of taking it easy as she approaches 65.

Instead she will be taking on a new responsibility as a chaplain to the horse racing industry - a job that will see her travelling all over the south of England.