Doctor Who would have checked the dials on his tardis on Saturday if he had wound up in the Old Court art centre at Windsor.

There were people in uniform and 1940s fashions celebrating the end of the war, as a young soldier searched for his girlfriend while the latest hits from Glenn Miller wafted through the air.

But it was not May, 1945. It was May 2008 and the whole event at the recently reopened art centre in St Leonard's Road had been designed as a piece of 'immersive theatre'.

The BallroomBlitz immersive theatre party was staged by the group Immersus, who had been specially brought in by the Old Court's managing director Martin Denny - who acted as doorman and ringmaster for the event.

There were 30 professional actors and 12 enthusiastic contributors from the Old Court acting out varied storylines, which placed the public at the centre of the action.

Mr Denny said that people who came had been able to see the entire building, while finding a different scenario in every part they visited.

He said: "All the rooms were decorated appropriately. If you went into the attic you found the 'captain's office' with officers in uniform telling stories.

"There was cabaret in the basement, live music, swing and dancing.

"Immersus came to us with the idea and we decided to go with it. It was a really enjoyable evening - and a bit of fun that seemed to tie in with excitement over a royal wedding in the town."