A NEW Royal Wedding Top Trumps card game will tomorrow (Wednesday, May 9) crown Meghan Markle as ... 'The New People’s Princess'.

The stunning royal bride-to-be trumps ALL of her very soon to be new family – including the Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Diana – in a brand new and official Limited Edition Royal Wedding Top Trumps pack, which hits shop shelves tomorrow morning.

Meghan is described in her Top Trumps citation as “a modern Royal for a modern age” .. as she is also crowned both Queen of Style AND Queen of Hearts.

Top Trumps has for more than 40 years been a cool cult classic, capturing the heartbeat of the public across more than 1,000 different topics from Dr Who to Dinosaurs and Harry Potter to Pop Stars.

Meghan is the golden girl in this Limited Edition golden coloured pack as she trumps every other Royal across the game’s five themed categories which range from Style Icon to People Person.

The pack also sees dedicated cards to Harry, The Queen, William, Kate, the new Royal baby Prince Louis, Diana, Charles, Meghan’s parents, Camilla, a special ‘Commoners’ card, Sir Elton John, The Spice Girls, Ed Sheeran, The Rings, The Dress and The Corgis.

Here are Meghan’s Mega Top Trump scores (there are 5 categories in the pack – the HIGHEST in each bracket is the one that wins, so high rating cards are the ones to have!

TOP TRUMP! Meghan reigns supreme – alongside Princess Diana - in a People Person section, notching a perfect 10.

TOP TRUMP! Meghan beats Duchess of Cambridge in a ‘Style Icon’ listing in the pack, also scoring a maximum 10 out of 10 and being declared in her Top Trumps citation as: ‘The Queen of Style’.

TOP TRUMP! The former actress also takes top billing in a Big Day Rating category, along with her husband-to-be Prince Harry. Each score 100 out of 100.

TOP TRUMP! So that’s THREE of the game’s FIVE sections she tops – making her the highest ranked of all 30 cards in the pack.

Top Trumps boss Tom Liddell says he can’t recall a pack in Top Trumps’ 41-year history where one person has so dominated a deck.

Mr Liddell, Top Trumps brand guardian and managing director of Winning Moves UK, which owns the Top Trumps brand, said: “From these ratings, Meghan clearly is The New People’s Princess – alongside Diana – as well as the Queen of Hearts AND Style.

“It’s quite a Royal coup!"

And royal rivalry amongst William and Kate’s three children is underway in the pack. Prince Louis may be just two-weeks-old, but he ranks lower in the Age category of the game – of course – but also in his VIP rating. As fifth in line to the throne Louis scores 7 out of 10, compared to Charlotte’s 8 and George’s 9.

Mr Liddell also explained card characters have been ranked VIP in terms of “status, importance and influence”. As such the Queen tops everyone with “the very highest VIP mark”.

And there is a round of a paws for the Corgis which emerge as true Very Important Pets, scoring 9 out of 10 in the VIP section. Only two of the other 29 cards rate higher in the VIP category. But The Corgis do have a four-legged rival in the pack – in the shape of Dexter, the much loved local cat around Windsor who gets a card all to himself too. And according to his owner Dexter often turns up – unannounced and unexpectedly – in the “unlikeliest” of places which means he COULD be at the wedding. In anticipation of this possibility Dexter scores 50 out of 100 in the Big Day Rating category – FIVE times that of the Corgis, which are sure to give the wedding a miss.

Red-haired pop superstar Ed Sheeran is in the red in the Style section, scoring a measly 1 out of 10. Taking into account his often less than pristine appearance, Top Trumps muse in his citation ‘Just how will he scrub up on the big day? But Ed’s not in the red on all the ratings – with his huge fan base he scores 8 out of 10 in the People Person section.

Is it possible to be trumped by YOURSELF? Well if it’s Donald Trump then – of course – anything goes. He was not invited to the wedding – probably – for past ill-judged comments about Prince Harry’s mother Diana, so in effect he trumped himself OUT of the wedding.

So why is he IN the game? Firstly, he has been a big part of the pre-wedding dialogue – will he, won’t he be there etc.

Secondly he is coming to the UK in July which means he may get to meet the newlyweds. The Donald, typically divides opinion down the middle in the People Person section (5 out of 10) but scores very highly as a VIP (second only to The Queen) and Age. However he notches a rock bottom 0/100 on Big Day Rating.

Victoria ‘Posh’ Beckham shares a card with her Spice Girl bandmates. But what would have been a very high ‘Style Icon’ score had she had a card all to herself is just 5 out of 10.

“Mel C and Geri maybe contributed to this rating being much lower than if Posh had the card to herself,” said Mr Liddell. Their age is given as 24 – rather than 217 collectively – so they may well be delighted that Top Trumps has lobbed years off their ages! Twenty-four is the number years the band has been in existence.

There are 30 cards in the pack including four that specifically relate to Windsor, Dexter the town cat, the Observer's very own Paul Thomas, The Dean of Windsor and St Georges Chapel.

St George’s Chapel tops the ‘age’ category, Prince Philip is next and the new Prince Louis is the youngest.

so that's not a bad card to have at all as (as I’m sure you know) it’s the highest category that wins each bracket. so the chapel would trump every other card in the age category.

Mr Thomas' ‘big day rating’ beats heaps of other cards in that category. He gets 86/100, beating the spice girls (82), sir Elton john (82), Ed Sheeran (78) and Donald trump (0).

Even in the style icon section Mr Thomas scores 6/10, Ed Sheeran just 1, Spice Girls, 5, Camilla, 5, and Sarah Ferguson, 5.

But it's town moggie Dexter who is a true VIP (Very Important Pet). He gets 5/10 in the VIP section alongside the Dean of Windsor, also 5, and Sarah Ferguson, 5.

As a potential mystery guest (he may appear at chapel who knows!) he scores 50/100 in the ‘big day rating’ section, ahead of Donald trump (0) and his four legged-rivals the corgis who wont be there – they get just 10 out of 100 in the ‘big day rating’ category.

TOP facts about TOP Trumps:

Category listings are defined in the pack as: VIP - ‘A person’s status, importance and influence’. Age – ‘Oldest wins’. People Person – ‘Someone in touch with everyday life’. Style Icon – ‘Trendsetter’. Big Day Rating – ‘How significant the Royal Wedding is to that individual’,

Between two and six people can play Top Trumps at any one time.

And here is how you play: Cards are dealt face down. Players read out one stat (from the five categories) that they think has the best chance of winning. The aim is to end up with all the cards by ‘trumping’ opponents by selecting what a player believes is going to be the winning category. A good memory is essential, as is strategic thinking! The person with all the cards at the end of the game is the winner.

The official Top Trumps Royal Wedding Limited Edition pack goes on sale from tomorrow (Wednesday, May 9) on Amazon through Booghe, RRP: £6.99.