A SON has complained that his disabled mother received poor treatment at Wexham Park Hospital – after she lost weight during a stay, he claims.

Mike Abbot, 67, of Ryver’s End, Slough, said that his mother was treated in Wexham Park Hospital in January 2016, after suffering a fall. Mr Abbot said his mother, who suffers from severe dementia, received poor quality care.

He said: “I came in and made a fuss, because they were not getting her out of bed. They said she would not allow them (staff) to hoist her, and they didn’t want to stress her. They offered excuses - they said that mum would ‘kick off’ - she doesn’t like the flying (hoisting) bit. But people with dementia, when you touch them, they make a noise.

“There was a hygiene problem - she stank. They didn’t wash her often because they wouldn’t hoist her. She has a clenched hand, which gets very sweaty if not taken care of.

“I was going in a lot, and many times would arrive and find her meal was cold.”

Mr Abbot claimed that her weight upon discharge had been incorrectly measured.

He said: “She was skin and bone when she got home, it was appalling.

“Four to six weeks later, the dietician came in and weighed her, and she was still 10 kilos shy of her discharge weight. She was eating a lot when she came home.”

Furthermore, Mr Abbot said that the hospital had not protected patient privacy. Mr Abbot said: “They made a recording of the (complaint) resolution meeting we had with the hospital, but the CD they sent to us was for the resolution meeting of a completely different patient.

“I reported it to the Information Commissioner’s office, but I haven’t had a response.”

A spokeswoman for the Frimley Heath NHS trust said: “A thorough investigation took place into all aspects of Mrs Abbot’s care at Wexham Park Hospital following a complaint by her son in 2016, and the results of that investigation were shared with Mr Abbott.

“A further meeting was held with Mr Abbott earlier in 2018, and we are sorry that Mr Abbott’s complaint in respect of his mother’s care has not resolved to his satisfaction.

“We are aware that Mr Abbott remains unhappy with the outcome of the resolution meeting and have signposted him to the Ombudsman, the next stage of the NHS complaints process. The trust will of course cooperate with any further investigation that may be undertaken in that regard.

“As soon as the matter of the wrong recording being sent to Mr Abbott came to light, the trust reported it to the Information Commissioner’s Office.”