A transit site for travellers could be built in Bucks in a bid to deter unauthorised encampments in the county.

Chiltern District Council is exploring the option of finding land for a transit area after numerous travellers flocked to the county last year, some leaving a trail of destruction behind them.

The site would allow police to use powers to order travellers to leave council land quickly and move to a holding location, where they would be charged to stay, within an agreed time.

Speaking at a meeting of Chiltern District Council’s services overview committee, head of healthy communities, Martin Holt, said: “Last year we had quite a number of encampments that impacted on Wycombe, Aylesbury, South Bucks and Chiltern District.

“There was quite a lot of waste that was deposited on land and there was quite a lot of concern from residents over the impact of unauthorised encampments.

“So the county council decided to review its protocol on dealing with those unauthorised encampments…

“As we read through the process it was very apparent that there is a power under the legislation which allows the local authority to direct travellers to what’s called a transit site, and police asked whether we would consider the opportunity to have a transit site somewhere in Bucks to direct travellers to.”

It is believed the charges imposed on the travellers at the site would encourage them to leave the area altogether.

A potential site has not been identified however the committee agreed to present the plan to cabinet for discussion.

Bucks County Council (BCC) and Thames Valley Police (TVP) have reviewed their protocols on removing travellers from unauthorised sites, amid confusion over which authority takes the lead.

The councils established BCC would take the lead in removing groups of travellers with vehicles, district councils are tasked with dealing with tented communities, while TVP would take charge only if there is any antisocial behaviour or crime and disorder.

To view the council report visit https://isa.chiltern.gov.uk/democracy/documents/s41292/unauthorised%20encampments.pdf