A FATHER has told how he bravely tackled one of Slough’s most prolific car thieves – holding onto him until the police arrived.

Daniel Gosal, who is a workshop manager in Stoke Road, Slough, was commended by police on Monday for the act of bravery. The thief was described at the ceremony as ‘one of Slough’s most prolific criminals’.

Mr Gosal, speaking to The Observer, said: “I was at work, where there is a CCTV system I can watch on my desk. I saw a man going around the staff car park, using some sort of device to open up the cars and take whatever was inside.

“I ran out of the building – he ran off, but I caught up and grabbed him, and held him there until the police came. We got all the stuff he stole – wallets and money – back off him.

“He was known to the police, and I’ve heard they’ve put him away for a while.”

The Local Policing Authority Commander’s Commendation awards were held in Slough and Eton school and 21 commendations were given out on the night, in recognition of exceptional efforts to tackle crime.

PC Connor Horan received two commendations at the ceremony.

He received the first for intervening in a dangerous fight in Chalvey, while his partner, PC Richard Goreham, recieved a commendation for chasing a suspect despite having just had his leg savaged by an aggressive dog during the same scuffle. 

Mr Horan received the second commendation for arresting a man who was stealing from a car in Hounslow, whilst off duty, with the help of his father who had been nearby, and helping the Metropolitan police with their investigations.

This lead to him spotting and arresting another man that had been involved, while travelling to one of the Met police stations.

Mr Horan’s father, Phil Horan, 58, of Hounslow, said: “I was in the back of the garden and heard a commotion, so I ran out to help him (Connor), and held one of the men down.”

He said he was “very proud” of his son’s work.