It’s the unlikeliest of sporting successes, perhaps eclipsing 5,000.1 outsiders Leicester City winning the Premier League two years ago.

Windsor FC are going to football’s Holy Grail – Wembley.

And not just for one season. But EVERY season!

That’s the tantalising prospect that’s set to transform from fans’ fantasy to reality – well, at least on the brand new official MONOPOLY board for Royal Windsor anyway.

Since it was announced last month that the town is ‘Passing GO’ the public has been sending in suggestions and ideas to fill the board and Windsor FC has been faring “very well”. Polls for general suggestions have now closed – although they remain open until April 21 for specific charity nominations.

Jennifer Lau is a Custom Games Executive at Winning Moves UK – the company producing the game under official license from MONOPOLY owners Hasbro. She said: “Very many of the Chance and Community Chest cards will be themed. As Windsor FC has fared so very well in nominations from the public we thought a card rewarding them with a place at Wembley would hit the spot. As the game will immortalise Royal Windsor forever in effect it would mean the club going to Wembley every season!

“Thank you to everyone who has sent in suggestions. They have been wonderful. The response has exceeded even our most optimistic expectations.” Windsor Castle, Long Walk and The Guildhall amassed “a huge number of nominations,” added Ms Lau.

The game - which will hit shelves in October - will be themed in sets from heritage to tourism, culture to shopping, education to business and sport to media. The four train stations on the original MONOPOLY will be handed over to a ‘travel’ set. That’s because unlike in the original London MONOPOLY there are not going to be four main line train stations to choose from.Royal Windsor celeb cat Dexter to Pass GO!

Dexter looks set to feature on the town’s new MONOPOLY game on a dedicated Chance or Community Chest card - and owner Kirsty Jarvis says she is thrilled to bits:

“He started venturing into the town centre over 5 years ago (starting at the local pub!) and it brings us great pleasure to see the joy he brings to people’s lives as he visits the shops, banks and other places of work. We love seeing all of his adventures through the pictures and posts on social media. The MONOPOLY board just wouldn’t be complete without him! “

Her suggestion is that players advance forward for either stroking or spotting dexter

Suggestions for charities until 23.59pm on April 21 to or via the official Royal Windsor MONOPOLY Facebook page.