HOMEOWNERS are set to earn thousands of pounds by renting out their properties over the Royal wedding weekend, research has claimed.

The Airbnb website, which is a marketplace for people to rent out their homes to visitors on a short-term basis, said it expected Slough to see a massive 1,438 per cent increase in guest arrivals between May 18 and May 20. The big day is on May 19.

On average homeowners in Slough can make an average of £141 for the weekend, while those in Maidenhead stand to make around £162 and those in Windsor a larger £353.

The research shows that an increase in bookings in Maidenhead is likely to be second only to Slough for the Royal wedding weekend, with a 362 per cent increase, while more expensive Windsor will experience a 194 per cent rise.

Airbnb expects 42,000 guest arrivals in London, bringing almost £12 million to hosts into the capital. But the large increase in Slough of 1,438 per cent, compared to the same period last year, will make it the “unlikely tourist hotspot” for the occasion, Airbnb said.

James McClure, general manager for Airbnb, said: “The Royal Wedding has provided a welcome tourism boost, putting the UK in the spotlight once again. By creating an opportunity to host visitors from near and far, Airbnb is supporting economic investment into small, local communities and also helping locals to make a little extra money from sharing their homes.

“For guests, staying at an Airbnb gives them the opportunity to embrace the local culture and unlock hidden gems in the neighbouring area whilst supporting local attractions and less traditional hotspots like Slough, Maidenhead or Reading.”

Those in Windsor renting their home on Airbnb are expected to receive a total host income of £126,800. But it’s not just those around the corner from the castle set to profit, as other areas set for a significant windfall are Reading, where the projected total host income is £83,800, Slough looks to rake in £38,100, and Maidenhead an estimated £29,400.