How do you simulate a fire on stage without setting off the smoke alarm in the school where the play is being performed?

Members of Windsor Theatre Guild faced that problem, while rehearsing Neil Simon’s brilliant black comedy God’s Favourite which they are performing at St George’s School in Windsor Castle next week from Tuesday, April 10 to Saturday, April 14.

Guild president Derek Reay said: “They tried dry ice which does not set off the alarm but  it tends to drift out into the audience.” 

So what did they do?

The comedy revolves around a devout businessman chosen by God to undergo a series of challenges to test his faith.

Director Mike Consden is not revealing how he found ways to show the results on stage - without incinerating the school.

But he said: "You will see what happens when a swimming pool is burned down and a 'fireproof' factory.

"The devil also plays a part in it all."

It is definitely going to be very funny. The play was unperformed for many years but is easily the equal of such classic Neil Simon comedies as The Odd Couple and California Suite.

To see this 'lost' Broadway classic you can buy tickets at £14 (£12 concessions Tuesday to Thursday) on 0333 666 3366 or