Big screens will line the Long Walk so the thousands of visitors expected in town can watch the royal wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle, writes Paul Thomas.

Concessions, including food wagons and bars, toilets and outlets are to be brought in to create a ‘summer fair’-like atmosphere for the final part of the couple’s open carriage procession after their marriage at St George’s chapel which takes place at noon.

The News has also learned that as part of the £2.6m town upgrade which has been brought forward by 18 months, plans are nearly finalised to upgrade Albert Road as it crosses the Long Walk to include the road height being lifted and a lights system brought in to improve safety.

One source told the Observer the suggested 100,000 visitors coming into the town ‘may be a little conservative’ as the wedding ‘seems to have spiralled out of control in terms of its attraction around the world’.

Cllr Phill Bicknell, cabinet member for highways, transport and Windsor, confirmed: “The Long Walk will be a great spot for people to celebrate the day in one of the most eye-catching locations in Windsor.

“Guests will also be able to watch the carriage procession as the couple return to the castle and watch the service itself, along with the rest of the day’s festivities, on a number of large screens that will be installed along the Long Walk.

“A variety of catering units and welfare facilities will also be provided to help everyone enjoy the day.”

Meanwhile, more armed officers are to appear on the streets of Windsor in the weeks leading up to the royal wedding, Thames Valley Police has confirmed.

The force said visitors to the town could soon expect to see ‘our officers both armed and unarmed, our search dogs and our mounted section out and about in the coming weeks and months’.

It said that extra security measures were to be expected now and leading up to the day of and more cars in the town were likely to be stop-checked.

A statement said: “A broad range of visible security measures are already in place, such us the extensive network of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology and CCTV.”

and Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) barriers. There are also many security measures that you can’t see. As ever, we encourage local businesses, our communities and visitors to continue to be our extra eyes and ears. If you see something that doesn’t look right, let us know and we will look into your concerns fully. On the day if travelling by car, you may be stopped by one of our roads policing officers. If travelling by train, British Transport Police will be patrolling stations and carriages. Once you arrive in Windsor there will a screening and search regime. There will also be community wardens throughout the town centre. These are all part of our measures to keep you safe.”

The force said its priority was delivering ‘a safe and happy event’. after the couple announced their wedding would take place at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle followed by a carriage procession through the town centre and then the reception also at St George’s.

The statement added: “Thames Valley Police is proud to police the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. We have a long history of policing Royal events from the annual Windsor Garter Ceremony to State Visits and more recently Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday.“The wedding of His Royal Highness Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle is no exception.“We are working with our partners, local business and the community to deliver a safe, secure and happy event for everyone. The wedding is expected to attract thousands of people from around the world to Windsor and planning is well under way.”

“Our officers look forward to seeing you in Windsor. Feel free to approach them to ask questions or raise concerns or just to say hello.”